From now on What I will be Writing

Ok blog so I have decided that from now on I will be posting stories.Well, chapters and form them into a book.I hope you guys enjoy.And sorry I haven’t been blogging lately I have been a little busy with my baby brother and sister and going out with the girls.But anyways I will start on the book either later tonight or tomorrow but most likely later tonight.



My Step-mom The Attention Whore

      Yea I know that every now and then we as humans do things to get attention but my step-mom does it EVERY DAY. And I have pictures to prove it. Everyday when my dad tells her he’s on his way home she says something like “i’m so tired” and/or “I have a headache.” And her and my dad have me included in their group texts so I know whatever they are talking about.So she says that and I roll my eyes because when me and her are alone together she acts fine but when my dad is on my way home she says that and then when he gets home she acts all worn out and irritated then she starts faking like she’s so tired she’s forgetting things. It’s so supid and he falls for it every time. I hope he’s just playing along but idk.But if i’m really feeling like that (not faking at all) I get no sympathy, not even a slight slice of it. 

                        Those are photos of the past couple days. As you can see it’s an everyday thing.  

Why Do People Let You Down?

Well people let you down simply because they dont like the idea of it or they just dont care.

    For instance,I keep asking my step-mom to drive the car and she simply just ignores me like im not even there.But some people let you down in different ways. My step-mom ignores me to death. My mom says “We’ll see” meaning no. My father just listens and says ok. I just love how they dont realize that everytime they do tthat I know what they mean and it sucks. I first found out when I was about 8 years old. I used to get my hopes up now it’s very difficult for me to get excited or get my hopes up about anything. Now I’m just like I’m gonna ask just to know im not getting it or I’m gonna ask jus to know I’m not doing it and it sucks.

 This was just a quick, short, brief blog to lt you know that’s how I’m feeling right about now.

Why I Personally Prefer A Galaxy Over An IPhone

I personally prefer a galaxy over an iphone for several reasons.

        Reason #1:Well when trying to get music onto your phone with an iphone you have to pay $1.29 per song. Which could leave you paying up to $15 an album depending on how many songs are on the album. When if you have a galaxy you can easily just download music for FREE.

        Reason #2:A lot of times when using an iphone you need wifi wherever you go because you have a limited data but with a galaxy you can just purchase a pphon plan and you get either unlimited wifi data or you can pay for a certain amount of data and you can get wifi from anywhere.

      Reason #3:The galaxy just overall has a better look/structure than the iphone and the galaxy to me feels lighter.

Thats pretty much my main reasons but I do have to admit that the emoji’s on the iphone are way better than those on a galaxy.

The Roughest Cancer

           The only thing worse than going through cancer is having a kid go through it while all you can do is sit and watch your child suffer and know theres nothing you can do about it except for pay for medical treatments and surgeries and pray that your child makes it through. I know this not because I have a chilld with cancer but because I have a 2 year old baby sister that has had cancer 4 times in the last year. Now this all started on her and my baby brother’s first birthday(because they’re twins) when we finally got the doctors to take a look at my sisters abdoman because you could feel that something was there and you could see one side of her tummy was sticking out more than the other.So i’m gonna tell you the story through my perspective.So the afternoon of December 17th, 2012 after school and before a concert that I had later that evening I got a phone call telling me that my baby sister had cancer and all I could do was cry. I ended up not going to my concert at all and fell into a stage of depression.

         The type of cancer was called Heptablastoma which is a RARE type of liver cancer and when we found it, it was already at stage 3. I thought I was gonna lose her becuase well every cancer movie you watch someone dies so as you can imagine I was very cared. Well the tumor was too big to just put on chemo and hoe it goes away so she had to have a liver tranplant. So she got put on the transplant waiting list until Easter when we got a call saying they had found her a liver. Well “we” didnt but my dad and step-mom did. This is what happened: me and my little cousin were upstairs playing on the computers when all of a sudden we heard a bunch of yelling and crying coming from downstairs. We were both wondering what was going on but we decided it was better to wait until we didnt hear anything afterwards until we went to see what was happening. So eventually a few minutes later we went to go see what was going on and I remember being told to go back upstairs but I knew something was wrong because my dad was crying. I had never seen my dad cry. That was a really awkward and worryful momnt for me. Then I guess my dad didnt kn0ow how to tell me or somehing because shortly after that he came up the stairs, still crying, and hugged me and kissed me on my forehead and said “I know your probably very freaked out and confused right now but we just got a call saying that they found her a liver.” and I remember this feeling of relief coming over me like yes maybe my sister wont die. So after that we packed up our things loaded the car and stuffed us all in the car including my sister in her carseat(which was not exactly comfotable) and thn we went to drop my cousin off back at her house and drove 45 min-1 hour to get to the hospital.

  •         When we got there they sent us to our room where we waited a while then talked to the doctors and surgeons and then my sister went back for surgery. After she went back for surgery it was like a waiting game we were just waiting until the doctors called us and told us if there were any complications or if she made it out fine. About 8 hours later we got the call that she had made it out fine but she was on close wach throughout the night. The next day I got to see her for the first time after the surgery and all I could see was tubes going in and out iof her and staples holding her tummy together where they had cut her and she was unconsious for about a week. It was a very sad sight to see. When she finally woke up she didnt smile very much like she used to before the surgery but when she did it was like the whole room lit up.

    She was doing great after that and I thought everything was good until one day we got a call back from when she got an x-ray(because after that she had to get x-rays every couple of weeks) saying that before we took the tumor out the tumor had metastisized meaning spread and was now in her lungs. We did chemo hoping the tumors would go away the one in the right lung went away but the one in the left lung still remained so they went in and did a surgery to removr part of the lung where the tumor was at because the lung regenerates and so I thought  we had gotten rid of it again for good this time and so did the rest of my family so we all celebrated until a few months latr when we got yet another call saying that the tumor in the right lung was back. So we had to deal with yet another lung surgery and the rounds of chemo after this were the worst in my life and hers. It caused severe diahrea and she almost died because she was so dehydrated because she was pooping out all her fluids.She was in the ICU(Intensive Care Unit) for 10 days and it caused her to have this skin condition I forget what it’s calld where she gets this really bad rash of red bumps all over and it was so bad and she would sratch them ecause they itched and the bumps would pop.

    She is still on chemo as of today even though she has no more tumors(that we are aware of) but she’s finishing up on her last few rounds.But it’s amazng because the one she’s on now doesn’t make her hair fall out where as before she had gone bald. We are still currently paying for her liver transplant and medications that she has been on and is currently on and if you would like to donate got to: 

My Favorite Author And Why

      My favorite author so far would have to be Michele Jaffe. I consider her my favorite author because when i read her books I just get so into them. Its like a connection. Another reason I consider her as my favorite author is because every time I read one of her books chapter by chapter I just wanna read more.You know how you find a certain place to stop so you can do something like at the beginning of the next chapter or whatever? Well I couldnt do that reading one of her books.When I would try to stop I just kept going the book was just so interesting. I just got done with reading one of her books called Bad Kitty and it was AMAZING. I would definitly recomend it to anybody wanting to read a good book. Its about (and sorry if this is a spoile alert for some about to or wanting to read it) this youing girl, 17 year old Jasmine Callihan (aka Jas) who always ended up in the wrong place at the wrong place at the wrong time and attracted cats as well but before we start lets tell you a little more about Jas. 

    Well, Jas believes that everyone has a superpower. Her best friend Polly has comprhensive knowledge of fashion. And Jasmine’s stepmother, Sherri!, is impossiblr to hate. But as for her superpower she really isnt sure yet. Also, as I told you before, she has a tendency for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and cats really like her. Unfortunately, those things together puts her on a path to nothing but trouble. It all starts when a psycho cat (followed by a psycho man in a mesh shirt) chase Jas around the Venetian resort in which she stayed. Soon, Jasmine finds herself in the middle of a mystery involving the psychotic, three legged, cat and his family.

    The story here is zany and fun as Jas and her friends run around tryng to solve the case in spite of the annoying presence of Jasmine’s evil cousin and her evil hench twin Veronique. Another annoying presence is that of Jasmine’s father who is determined to keep Jasmine’s dream of fighting crime just that- a dream.Despite her father’s discouragement Jas manages to conduct her investigation, albeit with untraditional tools like eyeshadow instead of conventional fingerprint dust.

   The story is peppered for writing college  essays next year, including Little Life Lessons as well as some very entertaining haikus(“Cute guy at Snack Hut/ Why won’t you remove your shirt? / It’s so hot (you too)”). “Bad Kitty” is basically an amalgamation of a lot of differnt genres. It has some teen romance, some mystery/suspense, and a lot od comedy. A lot of times, that doesn’t all come together to make a decent novel-with “Bad Kitty” it does. The novel is very similar to Meg Cabot’s latest “Jinx” with semi-obvious romantic subplot and the foreshadowing, but Jaffe does it better. Strongly recommend foe anyone who likes “classic” chick lit.

What My Birthday Was Like

Well today was my birthday.Everyone showed up that i expected although my grandma was so late that at one point i almost didnt think she would make it.Everyone had a blast especially during the German chocolate game.At first i didnt think i wanted to play then it became fun and i got really into it.The cupcakes were great even tho they were smashed.At first it was kinda awkward when they(my aunt and uncle)
came and seeing Trez and Jaque(two of my cousins)

for the first time in a while.But overall i had a good time.My hair looked great and pulled through just like I thought it would.      And I thought the day was going fine until after evryone left and my step-mother startd being a real stinker(my word for bitch) about everything.I was just chcking out my new keyboard case for my iPad(which i had just gotten for my birthday) and she comes in there fusing at me for sitting down and not doing anything like wtf can i check out my new birthday gifts?Like…..on your birthday you want to sit and see  everything about what you got right? Then shes all like “you have a choice you can either do this or do that” and the whole time im just thinking like omg can you let me alone and not do anything for one second?Liike I help her with her kids all day long with no break if I even go upstairs for on minute shes calling me up the stairs and stuff and its so annoying because then I will finally go down there and shes like “are you gonna come down here?” and im just thinking like you intrupted me and annoyed me to come down the stairs for a stupid question like that?Like well its too lat now im already down here.

     Oh but the most annoying thing of all is when she will call me all the way down the stairs to hand her something within arms reach and I just wanna punch her in her throat.But yea then she will clean up and mov my stuff around and not tll me where it is.Like wtf.My dad annoys me a lot too with his comments on everything and how he thinks that making sure the door is locked is my job like “dummy,people come in and out that door all the time.” then he fusses at me if its unlocked.Its so stupid.I just wanna choke himj sometimes.But at the end of the day I sti love him.But after this summer I am not coming back here for a while until I can eventually forget about all this and brace myself.

         With Love,


p.s. sorry for all the gaps im experimenting with my iPad mini keyboard and thats just how it ended up.